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    Abuse or intimidating behavior

    Consequently, a behaviour that is considered perfectly acceptable by one group of people may be considered clearly rude by another.For example, in medieval and Renaissance Europe, it was rude to indicate that a man wearing a mask in public could be recognized (Palleschi 2005).To be unable or unwilling to align one's behaviour with these norms known to the general population of what is socially acceptable is to be rude and are enforced as though they were a sort of social law, with social repercussions or rewards for violators or advocates.Rudeness "constituted by deviation from whatever counts as politic in a given social context, is inherently confrontational and disruptive to social equilibrium" (Kasper, 1990, p. Rudeness, particularly with respect to speech, is necessarily confrontational at its core.However, most rudeness serves functional or instrumental purposes in communication, and skillfully choosing when and how to be rude may indicate a person's pragmatic competence.Robin Lakoff (1989) addressed what she named 'strategic rudeness,' a style of communication used by prosecutors and therapists to force their interlocutors (a courtroom defendant or patient) to talk or react in a certain way.For example, it can be rude to use electronic devices, such as mobile phones, if this results in ignoring someone or otherwise indicating that the present company is less interesting or important than the people elsewhere or the text messages they send.Similarly, cutting in line signals that the person cutting in the line believes himself to be more important that the people his action delays.

    The following are examples of behaviour that many Western societies would consider rude or a breach of etiquette, though views may vary by culture, setting, or individual circumstances: What constitutes rude speech depends on the culture, the setting, and the speaker's social position in the culture.

    Rude speech also includes derogatory terms describing an individual person and asking inappropriate questions or pressing for answers to a question.

    However, there is no universal rule about which terms are considered derogatory and which questions are inappropriate under what circumstances.

    Sometimes, people deliberately employ rude behaviours to achieve a goal.

    Early works in linguistic pragmatism interpreted rudeness as a defective mode of communication.

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